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About TechTalentZone

TechTalentZone is a global community of tech lovers, professionals and enthusiasts. Tech is the future. Hence, we are creating a space that fosters collaboration, growth and knowledge sharing among tech professionals.

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Our Mission

To create an environment where tech professionals in Nigeria, industries and interests will come together, share knowledge and ideas and advance the tech field from analytics and engineering to machine learning.
Join the community of tech professionals as we grow together.

Tech Professionals

This platform is for professionals in the fields of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Networking, Software Development, Design and Graphics (edited), Project Management, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Technical Writing, Database Administration, Media - Audio and Video.


We assist employers in finding the right tech talents with the requisite knowledge and experience for your business. We have over 13 years in recruitment and tech.
What Makes Us Unique!
  • Verified Jobs you can't find them anywhere
  • Community you are not alone
  • Resources we provide a plethora of rich content
  • Passion we are passionate about tech.

Our Partners

We partner with training companies, Applicating Tracking Systems and data-driven companies. Do you want to work with us in any capacity? Get in touch with us.