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Cloud Solution Consultant at Velvot

VelvotLagos, Nigeria Cloud Computing
Full Time
VELVOT Nigeria Limited is a Modern Digital Transformation and Services firm that specializes in providing business-critical technology Solutions with expert advisory that ensure clients success in this digital era. We are at the forefront of digital transformation.

Job Description

  • Client Collaboration: Engage with clients to understand their specific business needs and objectives and establish communication throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Deployment and Implementation of Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, AWS, GCP.
  • Assessment and Analysis: Conduct thorough assessments of existing IT systems, applications, and infrastructure to determine cloud readiness and performance optimization opportunities.
  • Cloud Strategy Development: Develop comprehensive cloud strategies aligned with the client's goals, including cost optimization, scalability security, and compliance considerations.
  • Solution Design: Design cloud architectures and solutions, selecting the appropriate cloud platforms, services, and technologies to meet client requirements.
  • Migration Planning: Create migration plans that minimize disruption to the client's operations, including data migration, application refactoring and infrastructure deployment in the cloud
  • Technical Expertise: Stay current with the latest cloud technologies, trends, and best practices to provide informed recommendations and solutions.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure cloud solutions meet security and compliance standards and assist clients in implementing robust security measures.
  • Cost Management: Optimize cloud usage and costs by monitoring resource utilization, recommending cost-saving strategies, and implementing cost control measures.
  • Documentation: Maintain detailed documentation of cloud architectures, configurations, and project progress to facilitate knowledge transfer and future maintenance.
  • Training and Support: Provide training and support to clients' technical teams to ensure smooth adoption and operation of cloud solutions. And write at least one Microsoft exam monthly.
  • Must manage and complete at least 4 Project Every Month.
  • Must write 2 Profession Exam Every Month.
  • Must Learn how to deploy and use all Microsoft Product Especially.
  • Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 Azure, EMS.
  • Must learn how to assist and do Technical Sales.
  • Educate teams on the implementation of new cloud-based initiatives, providing associated training as required.

Person Specification

  • HND / B.Sc in Computer Science and other related field
  • Minimum of 5 years experience on the job.


  • Cloud Computing Proficiency: In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure services, including compute, storage, networking, databases, and
  • Azure DevOps. Microsoft azure, Amazon AWS google cloud services and third party cloud.
  • Azure Certifications: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Azure Administrator Associate.
  • Knowledge of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for identity and access management, including Single Sign-On (SSO) and MultiFactor Authentication (MFA).
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Knowledge of Azure Hybrid Cloud solutions, including Azure Arc, for managing on-premises and multicloud environments.
  • Microsoft365: Understanding of Microsoft 365 services, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Exchange Online and other available tools.
  • On-Premise Active Directory: Sufficient Understanding the Microsoft On-premise AD and Integration with Azure AD and other cloud services for authentication

Soft Skills:

  • Strong communication and presentation skills for client interactions and stakeholder engagement
  • Consulting and Client Management: Ability to understand client requirements, provide consultative guidance, and manage client relationships effectively in Azure environments
  • Project Management: Project management skills to plan, execute, and monitor Azure projects, including familiarity with Agile methodologies
  • Continuous Learning: Commitment to staying updated with the latest Microsoft Azure updates, features, and best practices through ongoing training and certifications.

Method of Application

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