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Communications Associate at Welcome2Africa

Welcome2AfricaAbuja, Nigeria Design, Graphics and Media
Full Time
Welcome2Africa International is a private sector development company headquartered in London, United Kingdom Founded in 2012 with the vision to redefine the image of Africa, Welcome2Africa specialises in catalysing investment interest in the continent, with a current focus on agribusiness. The private sector has long been acknowledged as the engine of economic growth. Yet, the sector is largely under-developed or informal in many African countries. Compounding this problem, the financial sector also tends to be under-developed across the continent, leaving many segments of the population, including entrepreneurs, under-served or un-served altogether. Due to limited budgets, governments are often unable to effectively intervene to correct this market failure. Welcome2Africa works with, and mobilises investment from a variety of actors, including local as well as international commercial and corporate banks,development finance institutions, aid agencies, foundations, impact investors, private equity firms and more.

Job Responsibilities

  • Write and optimise content for the website, newsletters, print publications and social networking sites.
  • Follow communications plan to post content on the organization’s social media platforms
  • Ensure consistency in terms of voice, branding, messaging and frequency of posting via digital channels.
  • Handle media enquiries and create effective news releases to gain positive press coverage
  • Develop and deliver well-executed and effective campaigns for all W2A Programs.
  • To develop working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders and partners.
  • Work with Growth Lead to establish and monitor performance benchmarks and media cost with agencies.
  • Evaluate media efforts results and prepare measures of success.
  • Ensure program outcomes receive best possible business benefit levels.
  • Recommend marketing management on media policies development for maximum effectiveness.
  • Perform with Market Research, agencies as well as brand teams to optimize investment return for advertising management and media planning.
  • Develop detailed understanding of media measurement as well as evaluation standards.
  • Schedule calls to engage stakeholders
  • Manage and maintain media budgets for all programs
  • Manage entire media budget activities and work within the budget
  • Write and edit content in a variety of formats, from product literature and presentations to thought leadership papers, press articles and corporate messaging, for traditional and digital media.
  • Writing/editing marketing and thought leadership content for a variety of formats, to engage and inspire the Private Bank’s clients and prospects globally.
  • Covering topics such as sustainability, investments, financial market trends and philanthropy, agro-commodity investments, maritime investment, trade potentials, while targeting investors, family offices and donor agencies.
  • Conduct research on the agricultural and maritime sector in Nigeria and other African countries
  • Gather data from various sources such as academic journals, industry reports, and credible websites

Job Requirements

  • Post Secondary Degree in Communications or other related fields
  • Experience in effective management of online platforms and content development
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work in an action-oriented, cross-functional environment
  • Ability to lead and manage a team
  • Must work well in a team/collaborative environment
  • Strong conceptual thinking to create relevant advocacy materials for projects and activities with innovative elements.
  • Ability to plan, anticipate requirements, problems and obstacles, juggle competing priorities successfully, and work to tight deadlines with a high degree of autonomy

Method of Application

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