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Head of Market and Product Research at Baobabplus

BaobabplusLagos, Nigeria Data and Artificial Intelligence
Full Time
We are a social business committed to energy access and digital access in Africa. We make accessible to all innovative products that meet the needs of local populations to change their life. Baobab+ is available in Senegal, Mali, Madagascar and Ivory Coast. Baobab+ is part of Baobab Group, a digital finance group specializing in financial inclusion in 9 countries in Africa and China.


  • The position is a pivotal role responsible for shaping a company's market strategies & product development based on comprehensive research and analysis.
  • Lead our efforts to gain a deep understanding of the market, competition, and customer preferences.
  • This role plays a critical part in guiding the company's decision-making processes and ensuring a competitive edge in the market.


  • Market Research: Conduct in-depth market research to identify trends, opportunities, and customer preferences relevant to the company's products or services.
  • Competitive Analysis: Analyse competitors' products,strategies, and market positioning to inform product development and market strategy.
  • Product Development: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to provide insights and recommendations for new product development or improvements to existing products.
  • Data Analysis: Utilize data analytics tools and methodologies to gather and interpret market and customer data, providing actionable insights.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop and implement strategic plans based on research findings to achieve business objectives and revenue targets.
  • Team Leadership: Manage a team of researchers and analysts, setting goals, providing guidance, and ensuring the team's performance aligns with company objectives.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Present research findings and recommendations to company executives and other stakeholders, influencing decision-making processes.
  • Budget Management: Oversee the budget for research projects and ensure efficient allocation of resources.
  • Market Positioning: Help define the company's market positioning and branding strategies based on market insights.
  • Follow up on departmental strategy implementation
  • Action plan. Consolidate company wide action plan


  • Education: Bachelor's or Master's Degree in a relevant field such as Market Research, Business, Economics, or Statistics.
  • Experience: Proven experience in market research, product research, or related roles, with several years of leadership experience.
  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical and data interpretation skills to derive meaningful insights from data.
  • Leadership Abilities: Effective leadership and team management skills to lead a research team.
  • Communication: Excellent communication and presentation skills to convey complex findings to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to think strategically and use research insights to shape the company's direction.
  • Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with the industry, market trends, and competitors.
  • Technical Proficiency: Proficiency in data analysis tools and software, such as Excel, SPSS, or data visualization tools.
  • Problem-Solving: Strong problem-solving skills to address complex market and product-related challenges.
  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics and technologies.

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