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Senior Data Scientist/Prompt Designer/Prompt Engineer at Turbham Limited

Turbham LimitedAbuja, Nigeria Software Development
Full Time

We run a Business Management System. We are also branched out and well versed in the Telemedicine, Logistics, Agriculture as well as the Travel and Tourism industries.

Company Description

UBPO is a leader in customer support and business process outsourcing. Our focus is to build and manage dedicated teams that enhance business, improve efficiency, and scalability for our clients.

Role Description

This is a full-time remote role for a Prompt Designers, Senior Data Scientists, and Prompt Engineers. As a remote member of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects in the field of artificial intelligence and make a significant impact in shaping AI conversations.. The Senior Data Scientist will be responsible for designing and implementing complex data models, developing and testing algorithms, collecting and analyzing large data sets, and communicating insights to different stakeholders.

Senior Data Scientist:

  • Lead data science projects and strategies.
  •  Design and implement machine learning models for NLP and AI applications.
  •  Extract actionable insights from complex data and communicate findings.
  •  Collaborate with engineering teams to deploy data-driven solutions.
  •  Mentor and provide guidance to junior data scientists.

Prompt Designer:

  • Craft and refine prompts to guide AI system behavior.
  • Collaborate with data scientists and engineers to optimize prompt-engine interactions.
  • Fine-tune prompts based on user input and feedback.
  • Stay updated on NLP research and advancements to enhance prompt design strategies.
  • Adapt prompts to various contexts and user needs.

Prompt Engineer:

  • Develop and maintain software components for prompt generation.
  • Optimize prompt-processing algorithms for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Collaborate with prompt designers and data scientists for prompt-engine alignment.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to prompt generation and interpretation.
  • Stay updated on the latest NLP and AI technology developments.


  • Data Science, Statistics, and Data Analytics skills
  • Data Visualization and Data Analysis skills
  • Expertise in data processing, transformation, and analysis
  • Experience working with large-scale data processing tools and technologies (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, SQL, Python, R)
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to communicate complex data findings to non-technical stakeholders
  • Experience mentoring data scientists and providing technical leadership
  • Experience working in BPO industry is a plus
  • Master's or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistics, or related field
  • For all positions, candidates should have 5 years of experience in their respective fields.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Self-motivated, adaptable, and able to work effectively in a remote environment.

Method of Application

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