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Head of Marketing and Communications at Inspire Community Network Foundation

Inspire Community Network FoundationLagos, Nigeria Digital Marketing
Full Time
Inspire Community Network Foundation is a registered non-governmental organisation committed to empowering local youth to drive positive change within their communities. Our core belief is that an empowered youth is the cornerstone of an empowered community. Through rigorous training, collaborative project design, and a focus on sustainability, we equip young leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to identify and address pressing community issues at their roots.

  • The Head of Marketing and Communications will be responsible for the brand positioning of ICON’s core mission, reputation, and strengths, working with management to launch and lead a new digital storytelling framework to amplify and visualize ICON’s programming in Economic Development, Education, Advocacy, and Arts and Culture.
  • The HMC will use a variety of effective communications campaigns and strategies working closely with the management team, program managers, contractors, and other stakeholders on a range of strategic projects, and leading media relations and thought leadership strategy, external and internal communications, digital communications, social media, brand strategy, and marketing campaigns.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Marketing and Communications

  • Develop a digital visibility framework to tell visual stories of our communities, social issues, and programming documentation.
  • Work with Senior Management to develop and implement comprehensive, resultsoriented annual Marketing and Communications Plan.
  • Develop targeted strategies to reach a broad range of stakeholders and community/industry leadership to support the organization’s vision.
  • Develop and manage performance measures that align with ICON’s key strategic goals and annual operational objectives as well as measure the effectiveness of marketing activities.
  • Manage the allocation of the annual Marketing Budget.
  • Work with the leadership team to support the development of organizational narrative and key messages as needed.
  • Ensure strong internal communication strategies that elevate ICON’s strategic plan, reinforce our core values, and ensure cohesive messaging amongst staff.
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of all marketing strategies for ICON’s annual events.
  • Stay current on dynamic new approaches for effective and relevant marketing including communications techniques, technologies, and trends, and recommend new approaches as necessary to ensure the organization remains up to date.

External Communications

  • Oversee the maintenance organizational database system to allow for strategic communications with donors, investors, clients, and other stakeholders.
  • Manage the creation, distribution, and management of digital and print newsletters, eblasts, and email communications for several requirements.
  • Manage and produce email newsletters, e-blasts, and other email communications.
  • Develop engaging content for various digital newsletters and e-blasts.
  • Format newsletter content into established templates or create new templates, aligning with required guidelines.
  • Ensure accuracy, thorough editing, timely review, and scheduling of email newsletters and e-blasts.
  • Track and report key email marketing performance indicators, including open and clickthrough rates.
  • Manage the production and delivery of outstanding digital content.
  • Develop effective Public Relations strategies by cultivating relationships with local and national media outlets including newspapers, television, radio, and other relevant contacts to advance brand awareness and elevate ICON’s programs in Economic Development, Education, Advocacy, and Arts and Culture.
  • Oversee the timely development and distribution of newsletters, annual reports, and collateral marketing materials as needed programming department, fundraising, and management.

Resource Development

  • Develop exceptional written communications for all marketing needs, adhering to all required communication guidelines and ethics.
  • Collaborate with relevant departments to create and upkeep marketing and communications materials for multiple programming and other needs, encompassing both printed and digital collateral. This may include contents that are required for designing graphics, brochures, flyers, mailers, and presentation materials.
  • Facilitate the development and execution of comprehensive marketing and communication campaigns across various channels, such as digital platforms, print media, and social media.
  • Support, maintain, and update documents, forms, and internal communications.
  • Manage writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting of ICON annual report content.
  • Provide proofreading and editing support to other departments as may be required.
  • Social Media and Website Management
  • Develop an annual social media marketing plan.
  • Incorporate a digital storytelling plan into all programming frameworks and facilitate the process for content development, video production, and evaluative storytelling.
  • Develop and implement a social media and outreach strategy to drive traffic.
  • Maintain current and effective website content, ensuring it supports the user journey with calls to action for each stakeholder.
  • Analyze website and social media metrics to help set goals and measure against established benchmarks and effectiveness metrics.
  • Monitor ICON’s multiple social media channels for engagement with commenters and shares, ensuring timely content posting, scheduling, and sharing posts, promptly responding to inquiries and comments, and gathering engagement metrics.
  • Leadership/Contractors Management
  • Research, identify, and hire high-standard contractors for required video documentary production, and programs photography collection.
  • Establish and maintain an organization-wide selection guideline for hiring and retaining contractors.
  • Develop and manage a regularly updated contractors’ database.
  • Develop an ICON best practice framework for all media production.
  • Develop an ICON media archive to categorize and store all media production across programming.
  • Provide supervision, training, and evaluation of all hired contractors, pushing for highstandard delivery and quality of production.
  • Participate in strategic planning efforts.
  • Website Management
  • Manage ICON websites, maintaining content accuracy, regularly updating and refreshing content, and ensuring the overall integrity of the websites.
  • Perform periodic audits of existing website content and links, identifying and reporting any issues to the website management agency.
  • Upload provided written and graphic content to multiple websites, replacing outdated material as needed.
  • Conduct occasional content research to gather relevant information for website updates and enhancements.

Education, Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field; advanced degree preferred.
  • Minimum of 3-10 years of experience in digital marketing roles, with a focus on brand management and communications.
  • Proven track record of developing and executing successful marketing strategies in multisectoral industries.
  • Strong knowledge and technological ability to work on a variety of digital marketing tools, platforms, and techniques.
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to convey complex concepts and strategies effectively.
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities and experience managing contractors.
  • Proficiency in market research and analysis.
  • Strong project management skills with the ability to multitask and prioritize effectively.
  • Creative thinker with the ability to develop innovative solutions and campaigns.
  • Understanding of regulatory requirements and compliance considerations within the healthcare industry.
  • The creativity to produce exciting and interesting content.
  • Organizational skills and the ability to multitask and prioritize projects while working on a deadline or in a fast-paced environment.


  • Salary is a monthly N150,00-N200,000 commensurate with experience
  • Irregular evening and weekend work hours; flexibility with work schedule
  • Primarily local and inter-state travel during business hours, although some regional and overnight travel may occur.
  • Benefits are generous, including paid employee health and dental insurance (some employee contribution required); voluntary vision and retirement plans are also available.
  • Paid time off includes vacation, sick, personal days, and holidays.

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