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Marketing & Social Media Intern at Herbal Goodness

Herbal GoodnessAbuja, Nigeria Digital Marketing
Full Time

,Herbal Goodness is a manufacturer of premium quality, unique, organic, non-GMO superfoods, and herbal products to support healthy living and impact lives. Founded in 2013, the company excels in the botanical and natural supplements industry and manufactures product lines such as Herbal Teas, Supplements, Extracts, Essential Oils, Smoothies, and Juices. The company is unique in its values of Quality, Sustainability, and Impact.


  • The Marketing & Social Media Intern plays a vital role in supporting the marketing team by assisting in the development and execution of marketing strategies handling tasks that span various facets of marketing and Social media management.


  • Content Creation: Generate content for various platforms such as social media, blogs, and the company website. This involves writing posts, creating graphics, and possibly shooting videos that align with the brand’s voice and objectives.
  • Social Media Management: Schedule and post content across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Monitor engagements and interact with followers to build community relationships.
  • Campaign Support: Assist in the development and execution of marketing campaigns. Help gather data, track results, and prepare reports to analyze the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Market Research: Conduct research on market trends, competitor strategies, and customer insights to support marketing strategies. This can include surveys, focus groups, or analysis of marketing metrics.
  • Email Marketing: Help to manage email campaigns from concept to execution. This involves crafting email content, managing subscriber lists, analyzing performance metrics, and suggesting improvements.
  • SEO and Web Analytics: Assist with the optimization of the company website for search engines (SEO) and analyze traffic via tools like Google Analytics to improve marketing efforts.
  • Customer Interaction: Engage directly with customers through social media platforms and other online channels, providing support and fostering a positive brand image.
  • Please note that the above job responsibilities may be subject to additional duties and tasks as assigned.


  • Creativity: Ability to come up with innovative ideas for content that engages target audiences and promotes the brand effectively.
  • Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills are crucial, as the role involves a significant amount of content creation and customer interaction.
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with social media platforms, basic graphic design tools (like Canva or Adobe Creative Suite), and content management systems.
  • Analytical Skills: Ability to interpret data from campaigns and website traffic to make informed recommendations.
  • Organization: Managing multiple tasks and schedules effectively, ensuring timely delivery of responsibilities.
  • Previous experience in marketing or related roles is preferred.
  • Outgoing personality with strong interpersonal and networking skills, professional mannerisms, and social presence.
  • Proficiency with Google Office Suite; Tech savvy and experienced with creative graphics and video creation tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Studio, Canva, etc.
  • Excellent Internet connection and ability to adjust work hours to Central Standard Time (Between 9 am - 5 pm Central Standard Time).

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