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Senior Media Manager at Brooks + Blake

Brooks + BlakeLagos, Nigeria Digital Marketing
Full Time
Marketing in today’s world has changed. Newspapers have gone virtual, social networking / social media sites like Facebook are replacing postcards and phone calls, and we are now seeing potential clients becoming the main target of press releases as opposed to editors. TV commercials used to be the time to get up to stretch or get a snack. Today, they are the signal to hit the fast forward button on the remote, thanks to PVR decoders. The world scene has changed with increasing focus on Africa in terms of new markets and opportunities, business ethics and instilling best global practices in the region, etc. These are really interesting times. The good news is that it has never been easier to manage the perception of a brand. The not so good news is that a new way of doing this is indeed needed. This signifies a new era for marketing communications. At Brooks + Blake, we are passionately convinced that stakeholder perception management has the power to transform client's businesses. Our clients should expect to work with consultants that continually conceive new and better ways of connecting with consumers and 'influencing influencers'.


  • Media strategy: Develop framework for engaging and managing the media, this would involve:
    • Developing media amplification strategy for client’s campaign and ensure cohesion with the overriding campaign strategy and objectives.
  • Proactive and Reactive media and PR work:
    • Implement clients’ media amplification strategy
    • Identify, and successfully implement opportunities for proactive media work with existing and new media outlets.
  • Writing, Editing, Content Development & Media Monitoring:
    • Write and edit press releases, news stories, features, case studies and interviews to support organisational communications, website, e-bulletins, social media and media work.
  • Growth of Media Network Business:
    • Seek and develop opportunities for growing relationship with existing media houses and representatives
  • Budget Management
  • Professional Relations:
    • Responsibility for building and maintaining key relationships with opinion leaders in the media
  • Team Management:
    • Lead and motivate team to fulfill their potential and assume responsibility appropriate to their position.
  • Other responsibilities may be assigned.


  • B.Sc / HND in Mass Communication or related
  • 4 years of work experience as a media manager or similar.
  • Demonstrable experience with building effective media campaigns.
  • Ability to create appropriate content for dissemination via press releases, social media, websites, and other distribution channels.


  • Very Attractive.

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