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81 Most In-demand Tech Skills in Nigeria

Get the list of tech skills in high demand in Nigeria. Also find the highest paid tech jobs in Nigeria currently and how much they earn.

Ogugua Belonwu By Ogugua Belonwu 25 October, 2023
81 Most In-demand Tech Skills in Nigeria

Tech is rapidly taking over the world and some skills have become necessary. Having the skills in tech will mean that you have given yourself the leverage to stand out in the industry. It would also mean that you have positioned yourself to get some of the most paid tech jobs in Nigeria currently

So, we’ll quickly run through some of the skills that have become high in demand in Nigeria. You will also find the job roles that these skills are required for and then decide on which career path you want to go. 


10 Tech Skills to Learn in 2024 

You don’t need to learn every skill there is. Here’s a list of tech skills to learn in 2024. 

Artificial Intelligence 

The demand for AI is on the increase, yet there is not enough supply of skilled IT persons with the needed knowledge of AI. AI is simply the ability of a computer or machine to mimic human behaviour through repetition, solving problems and making decisions. Anyone who understands AI can work in data science, machine learning, or research science. 


Organizations are constantly focused on how to protect their systems from internal and external harm. Privacy of information has become a major concern, making cybersecurity one of the most in-demand tech skills in Nigeria. With this skill, any tech professional will be sought after seeing that the confidentiality of organizational properties must be maintained at all levels. 

Networks and Systems 

Ensuring that computer systems and networks are functioning properly is another tech skill in high demand in Nigeria. It is very useful in maintaining Local, Storage, and Wide Area Networks (LAN, SAN, WAN), as well as Virtual Private Networks (VPN). It is also useful in installing and configuring the needed computer hardware and software for any organization. 


Programming is the ability to use formal language to tell a computer what to do at a time. Without it, computers cannot perform tasks. Any tech professional who has programming skills is always going to be in demand in the future. They will always have job roles as software application developers, business intelligence analysts, database administrators, etc. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is the ability to build cloud infrastructure and also manage or maintain them. With data storage, networking, and database management systems, computing services are delivered to help organizations store data. Cloud computing skills are usually around Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and Google Cloud, and tech professionals with these skills will always be relevant to the industry. 

Web-3 Skills 

Web-3 is one skill that has a relatively low number of tech professionals. The next era of digital transformation is going to be built on AI and Web-3 and honing these skills will give any tech professional an edge as demand for this will be on the increase. 


Professionals who are skilled in automation are in high demand. There's an increasing need to reduce costs and save the time required to carry out tasks by human labour. Therefore, being skilled in automation and improving the operational efficiency of organizations gives any tech professional an edge in these times. With the ability to develop software that automates business processes, this skill is one that has come to stay for a long time. 

UI/UX Design 

The goal of every business is to retain its customers and also get new ones, and this is largely dependent on how their customers interact with the products, especially if they are technologically inclined. UI/UX deals with the experience of a user while interacting with an app or website, and also its functionality. Anyone with this skill will always be in demand, and more so because technology is affecting every other industry. 

Digital Marketing 

The world is a global village, and companies are in need of visibility in the online space. A digital marketer uses digital media channels, search engines, websites, and social media, to deliver information and promote products and services. This skill is usually needed in the roles of SEO and SEM specialists, content marketers, email specialists, etc. As organizations require visibility, the demand for this skill will be on the increase.

Data Analytics 

Big data is becoming the new currency of organizations. With the need for data analysis to help the decision-making process of organizations, being skilled in data analytics is a huge advantage in this age. Every organization need it, and this makes it relevant across industries.


List of 71 In-Demand Tech Skills 

Different tech roles require unique skills for tech professionals to thrive. Here are some of the tech roles and the skills to possess for each role. 

DevOps Engineer

  • Linux and scripting skills

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GPC) and Microsoft Azure. 

  • Coding Skills like Node.js 

  • Programming languages like Java, Javascript, Ruby, Shell, Bash and PHP.

  • Understanding of infrastructures and configuration, CI/CD pipelines, Source Code Management (SCM).

Cloud Engineer

  • Linux and Database skills like MySQL and Hadoop.

  • Knowledge of Programming languages such as SQL, Python, Golang, PHP and .NET.

  • Virtualization 

  • DevOps and Containerization 

  • Web Services and API  

Front-End Developer 

  • Responsive design


  • JavaScript

  • CSS preprocessors (Sass/LESS)

  • Version Control and Version Control Systems (Git, Github)

Back-end Developer 

  • Backend Programming Languages Java, Python, PHP. ...

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Familiarity with Servers

  • Knowledge of APIs

  • Version Control and Version Control Systems (Git, Github)

Full-stack Developer 


  • JavaScript

  • Frontend frameworks

  • Backend technologies

  • Databases and web storage

  • Git/GitHub

  • HTTP and REST

Data Scientist 

  • Programming languages like Python, R, SAS, and SQL. 

  • Data wrangling and database management with tools like Oracle, MySQL.

  • Data Visualization with Power BI, Microsoft Excel and Tableau. 

  • Machine Learning 

  • Proficiency in Ccloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Product Manager 

  • Data Analytics and Research skills 

  • Visualization 

  • Basic SQL knowledge 

  • Methodologies and components of SDLC (Software development lifecycle)

  • Product road mapping

  • Knowledge of user experience 

  • Wireframing and design tools (Adobe XD, InVision, Sketch)

UI/UX Designer 

  • Visual Design 

  • Prototyping with tools like Figma

  • Interaction and Interface Design 

  • Graphic Design Skills 

Project Manager 

  • PMP and Scrum certification

  • Agile and Prince2

  • Project Initiation and planning 

  • Budgeting and Scheduling 

  • Risk management 

  • Project control

  • Basic knowledge of Excel

Business Analyst 

  • Knowledge of statistical languages like R and Python

  • Data Analysis

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Tools like Microsoft Power BI

  • Process Modeling and Analysis

  • Agile Methodologies like Scrum and an understanding of tools like JIRA

  • Prototyping and Wireframing with proficiency in tools like Axure RP

  • Knowledge of ERP and CRM Systems

Data Analyst 

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • Microsoft Excel.

  • Data Visualization - PowerBI or Tableau

  • Data wrangling

  • Data Visualization using Power BI and storytelling using Tableau 

  • Knowledge of SQL and Statistical programming using R and Python.

  • Data management

Cybersecurity Specialist

  • Knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, C and C++, HTML.

  • Cloud security 

  • Scripting with Python 

  • Network configuration and management 

  • Firewall installation 

  • Risk identification and management 


How to Gain Tech Skills 

If you are looking to develop tech skills so as to begin your career journey in tech, or even improve your skills, here are simple ways to gain tech skills. 

  1. Self-Learning: some of the skills you want to learn can be self-taught. There are materials and resources available on platforms like YouTube that can teach you the basics of tech and give you the much-needed head start.

  2. Go for Certifications: Enrolling for certifications and courses is another way to hone your skills or begin your learning journey. Some of them even require that you pass an exam to get certified. Doing this is another sure way to get a tech skill. 

  3. Get a Degree: In some cases, you may need to go for a degree in computer science or any related field based on the tech field you wish to explore. This will enable you to learn tech better and also improve your career prospects based on your course of study. 

  4. Have a Community: Tech is one of the industries that has a dedicated community for its professionals. You can sign up for tech communities that can help your career journey and give you insights on industry trends and updates. They also have how-to guides that can help even a tech newbie grow.



You do not have to sweat yourself about the tech skills to learn in 2024. Some of these skills are the easiest tech skills to learn and they are in high demand. You can begin your tech career journey today and with the right resources and materials, you’ll get a hang of it in no time!  


What tech skills are employers looking for?

Some of the most in-demand tech skills that employers are looking for are:

Artificial Intelligence 

Cloud Computing


UI/UX Design 


Digital Marketing 

Networks and Systems 

Data Analytics 


Web-3 Skills 

What is the easiest tech skill to learn?

Ideally, there are no easiest tech skills to learn. One may consider that tech roles that do not require coding will come off as the easiest tech skills to learn. However, learning a tech skill requires dedication and commitment. 

What tech skill can I learn in 3 months?

Some of the tech skills you can learn in 3 months or even less are; 

Excel and SQL 

HTML, CSS and JavaScript 

Python Programming 

Cloud Computing 

It is also important to note that your environment could be a determinant factor in how much you can learn. It is also dependent on the resources and materials available to you.  

How do I start learning tech?

If you want to start learning tech, here are simple things you can do:

  • Self-learn with resources available online and on platforms like YouTube. 

  • Get certifications and enrol for courses online to learn about tech. 

  • Belong to a tech community where you can get insights into trends, or ask questions and receive the support that you need.

  • Have a mentor to guide and teach you on areas you may not be knowledgeable in. 

What soft skills should every tech professional have?

As much as hard skills are necessary to build a career, soft skills are also needed for every tech professional. Some of the needed soft skills are:

  • Communication skills 

  • Collaborative skills 

  • Time management skills 

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-solving skills 

  • Proactiveness 

  • Networking skills 

Ogugua Belonwu
Ogugua Belonwu
I am a Software Engineer with Product and Project Management Experience.

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