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Tech Training Firms in Nigeria

Find out the top training tech firms in Nigeria. Get a list of the best tech training firms in Abuja, Lagos and Rivers.

Ogugua Belonwu By Ogugua Belonwu 16 November, 2023
Tech Training Firms in Nigeria

The tech industry is rapidly growing and evolving, leading to an increase in demand for tech professionals all over the world. With this, the Nigerian tech industry has also positioned itself to train and equip tech enthusiasts to fill the gap and demand in the world. 

As you go through this article, you will find some of the top tech training companies in Nigeria. You will get enough information to decide on which to go for to learn the necessary tech skills you need to get tech jobs after the training. 

10 Great IT Training Firms in Nigeria 

IT Training Firms in Lagos 

Zulfah Group 

Zulfah Group is a firm that is committed to helping businesses grow by bringing changes that will improve the levels of their productivity and efficiency. Its academy runs robust tech training for tech enthusiasts. 

Top Courses: Full-stack development, frontend development, backend development, DevOps, and mobile app development. 

Class Model: Zulfah Group holds physical and virtual classes which run 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (9 am - 3 pm). There is also an option for weekend training on Saturdays and Sundays for 1 year at a 70k naira monthly payment.

Cost: Full-stack development goes for 850k naira while the rest go for 500k naira. On the other hand, they have an SSP(Self Sponsorship Plan) and FIP (Financier Investment Plan) as payment plans to help students pay. 

The academy situated in Lagos has a space for outdoor games, table tennis, a mini gym for students and even a FIFA play station for all. The academy also offers a weekly Friday lunch for students and a meet-out session with industry experts every last Friday of the month. 

You can check the academy website for more details on this.

Alpha Partners 

Alpha Partners is one of the reputable firms in training and consulting in many industries, and information technology is one of them. They provide various courses of training in the tech industry for people to learn. 

Top Courses: Data analysis, cybersecurity, cloud computing, network systems and administration, and software development. 

Class Model: Alpha Partners offers both physical and online training.

Cost: The training fee for each IT course is 285k naira per participant and the amount is exclusive of all taxes (7.5%). 

You can check out their official website for more information and register for the next batch of training. 

Plural Code Academy 

Plural Code is another firm in Lagos which provides credible tech training for tech enthusiasts. They are on a mission to bridge the global talent gap by building the largest and most impactful tech talent incubator on the continent to showcase its talent to the world stage. 

Top Courses: The programs are divided into 6 major schools. They include: 

  • The Data School covers courses like data analytics, business analysis, and data science.

  • The Product School covers courses such as product design (UI/UX), product management, and agile project management.

  • The Programming School covers FrontEnd Web Development, and FullStack Software Development (MERN Stack).

  • The Cloud School covers Azure Cloud Computing, AWS Cloud Computing, Cyber Security

  • The School of Emerging Technologies covers Digital Assets Banking and Web3 Community Development.

  • The School of Digital Economy covers CreativeDesign and motion Graphics, The Art of Tech Sales, Content Creation Masterclass, Advanced Excel Training, Community Management, Technical Support, AI Tools for Business, Digital Marketing, E-commerce Business etc

Class Model: Pluralcode offers physical training across many tech courses. The training centres are situated in multiple locations across Lagos. However, they lean more toward virtual training as that allows them to reach thousands of people across Africa. 

Cost: Pluralcode does not charge an application fee/ However, the tuition fees for the courses are: our courses are as follows:

  • The Data School, Product School, Programming School and Cloud School all fall under our "Professional Diploma" courses. The fees start from 500k naira and the classes last 4 months. However,  there are collaborative scholarships that allow students to access these programs at 40% off.

  • The School of Emerging Technologies & School of Digital Economy fall under our "Entry Level Certification" courses and are targeted at young people who want to break into the labour market, and the tuition for this is 200k naira and lasts 2 months. With the collaborative scholarships, students can get as much as 50%-60% off.

Pluralcode maintains a hybrid learning model that allows students to combine learning on their own time through several hours of top-quality material on their LMS and Live instructor-led classes every weekend that are facilitated by senior-level professionals in their respective fields.

Also, it is worth noting that the institution as well as their Diploma have been backed by accrediting bodies in the US, Canada, UK and Europe which allows our students to step into those markets with recognized Diplomas.

You can visit the Pluralcode programming school here and begin your learning journey. 

Dahel Consults and Techies

Dahel Consults and Techies is a tech consulting firm in Lagos that attends to the tech needs of various organizations in different sectors. They are made up of data analysts/data scientists, who dare to solve big problems in society using technology.

Top Courses: Data Analysis, Python Programming for Data Science, Remote Work Training, Tech Portfolio Training, Product Design (UI/UX), and Software Development.

Class Model: There are both physical and online training, but most courses are 100% online making it possible for various communities around the world to attend.

Cost: Course fees vary based on the type of session. 

Group Sessions: The fees for group sessions range from 35,000 naira or €56.45 to 150,000 naira or €112.89, depending on the specific course.

Private Sessions: For private, one-on-one sessions, the fees range from 150,000 naira or €112.89 to 350,000 naira or €376.32, depending on the course and level of customization. 

Dahel Consults and Techies keep in touch with their students after training. Eligible students also have an opportunity to intern with them or other companies after training.

You can visit the training website and register for their courses. 

Alabian Solutions 

Alabian Solutions is an integrated web solution provision firm based in Lagos with expertise in web development, web hosting, digital marketing and other value-added services. They also run one of the top training firms for tech professionals. 

Top Courses: Software development (Python and Javascript), Mobile App Development, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and Web Design and Development. 

Class Model: Albanian Solutions offers physical training. 

Cost: The costs vary from 60k naira to 250k naira depending on the course. 

You can visit the Alabian Solutions website here and register immediately. 


Tech365 is a top training firm situated in Lagos, Nigeria. Their IT skill training program is designed to give you the knowledge and hands-on training required to succeed in the tech industry in Nigeria and abroad.

Top Courses: Data Analytics/Data Science, DevOps/Cloud Computing, Software Development/Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Mobile App Development.

Class Model: They offer physical training at their Ikeja office but Zoom classes are held for those who cannot attend physical classes.

Cost: Their courses vary from 100k naira to 1million naira depending on the course. However, payments can be made in 3 instalments. 

Tech365 offers mentoring for their students after training. They also give job recommendations for their best students and provide a career guide for them. 

You can visit their official website to get started. 

Gomy Code 

Gomy Code is another top tech training firm in Lagos. With their tech-focused career programs, you’ll have the opportunity to work on real-world projects that are curated by industry professionals and tailored to the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.

Top Courses: Full-stack development, cybersecurity, data science, UI/UX design, and graphics designing. 

Class Model: They offer more physical training in their three offices in Lagos. They also offer virtual training for their students.

Cost: Their cost varies from 119k naira to 349k naira depending on the course. 

They host job fairs to give their students an opportunity to get jobs and also provide career guidance and mentorship after the training. 

You can visit the training website here and enrol. 


IT Training Firms in Abuja 

Neo Cloud Technologies 

Neo Cloud Technologies is a multi-product IT firm that provides creative and technology services across various sectors. Situated in Abuja, it offers credible tech training for tech enthusiasts. The training firm is CPN Certified, NITDA Accredited and Comptia Accredited. 

Top Courses: Cyber Security, Data Science, Data Analysis,  Digital Marketing, and Web Application Development. 

Class Model: Neo Cloud Technologies offers physical and virtual training. 

Cost: the courses cost about 200k naira to 400k naira. 

You can visit their official website here to register immediately for your training if you are interested. 

She Hacks Africa 

The She Hacks Africa is an initiative of the WAAW Foundation involved in an intensive in-person and virtual training workshop, where African youths learn software programming, Mobile App development, and product design. Their goal is to tackle the apparent gaps in formal education systems by providing an accelerated path for motivated African youths to develop the coding skills that are in high demand today.

Top Courses: Website Development, Mobile App Development, and Product Design.

Class Model: They offer both in-person training (4 months BootCamp and 2 months internship program) and virtual training. 

Cost: Successful applicants make a payment of 50k naira as a commitment fee. 

After training, She Hacks Africa liaises with their global partners to place participants on jobs as Junior Developers. If there is a sponsor for the training, participants get a monthly stipend and a laptop to enhance their learning experience.

You can visit their website and register for the training. 


IT Training Firms in Rivers 

Chigisoft Technologies 

Chigisoft Technologies is a top training firm in the city of Port-Harcourt. They provide scalable innovation so that businesses can get on with what matters for growth and impact in the business. 

Top Courses: Product Design, Product Management, Motion/Animation Design, and Data Analysis.

Class Model: They offer both physical and virtual classes for their students. 

Cost: Their cost is as follows:

Product design - 350k naira

Product Management - 75k naira

Motion Design - 70k naira

Data Analysis - 350k naira

Students at Chigisoft get to work on live projects and after training, they get access to mentorship from industry experts. 

Visit the academy website and register if you want to train with them. 



These are the top tech training firms in Nigeria and the features that make them outstanding. With the training, you can get skilled in any area of tech you desire and begin your career journey. You can also take advanced courses to enable you to grow your career and take it to the next level. 

All the best! 


What tech skills should I learn?

There are different tech skills you can learn to become a certified tech professional. You can learn skills in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, network and systems, programming, cloud computing, web-3 skills, automation, digital marketing, UI/UX design, and data analytics. There are also other in-demand skills you can learn in tech. 

Which company is best at IT Training in Nigeria?

There are different companies that provide IT training. Some of the top IT training firms are:

  • Zulfah Group

  • Alpha Partners 

  • Plural Code Academy 

  • Moat Academy

  • Nerdy Eye 

  • Alabian Solutions 

  • Tech365 

  • Gomy Code

  • She Hacks Africa 

  • Neo Cloud Technologies 

  • Chigisoft Technologies 

How much does it cost to learn tech in Nigeria?

The cost of learning tech in Nigeria is dependent on the company you wish to train with. Some tech companies have a fee of as much as 3million naira or as low as 50k naira, depending on the value they offer and also the location of the company. 

Where can I learn tech skills in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can learn tech skills by taking online courses, registering with a tech training firm, or attending tech boot camps organized by companies.  

Ogugua Belonwu
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