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14 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in Nigeria

Find out the high paying tech jobs in Nigeria and how to increase your salary in tech.

Ogugua Belonwu By Ogugua Belonwu 16 October, 2023
14 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in Nigeria

Technology has become one of the fastest-growing career fields in the world today, with no exception in Nigeria. It has also become one of the career fields that pay its professionals well. With the different fields available in technology, there is no doubt as to why a lot of professionals are constantly pursuing a career in tech. 

If you are a young professional in Nigeria looking to go into tech, then you will find this article helpful. We have listed the highest-paying tech jobs in Nigeria, with and without coding. You also do not need to look too far to find where to get high-paying tech jobs. This article will give you these answers and help you decide which tech career field best suits you. 

Top 14 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in Nigeria

Some tech careers require you to code, while some do not. So, you will find here the highest-paying tech jobs that may require or do not require coding. 

8 High-paying Tech Jobs with Coding 

Information Technology Manager 

An IT manager is usually the lead for the IT department of an organization. He ensures that the hardware and software of a business are functioning properly by properly installing and maintaining them. In Nigeria, an IT Manager earns about 500k naira monthly. Skills required to be an IT Manager are:

  • Software development

  • Database, hardware, network and IT management

  • Coding

  • Operating systems

  • IT security

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DevOps Engineer  

A DevOps engineer is an IT professional who introduces processes, tools, and methodologies to balance needs throughout the software development life cycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance and updates. A DevOps engineer earns about 525k naira monthly in Nigeria. Skills needed for a DevOps engineer are:

  • Linux and Scripting skills

  • Knowledge of AWS, GPC and Microsoft Azure.

  • Node.js and programming languages like Java, Javascript, Ruby, Shell, Bash and PHP.

Cloud Engineer 

A cloud engineer is an IT professional who builds and maintains cloud infrastructure. This could include cloud architecting (designing cloud solutions for organizations), development (coding for the cloud), and administration (working with cloud networks). A cloud engineer makes about 415k naira monthly in Nigeria. The skills required as a cloud engineer are:

  • Linux 

  • Database skills including MySQL and Hadoop

  • Programming skills like Ruby, Java, and PHP.

  • Networking and virtualization

  • DevOps 

Front-end Developer 

A front-end developer is responsible for developing the front-end of a website, which is the part that users see and interface with. He is responsible for ensuring that users easily interact with the website and application. According to MySalaryScale, as of 2020, an entry-level front-end developer earns about 115k naira monthly in Nigeria while a mid-level front-end developer earns about 225k naira monthly. Skills needed for a front-end developer are:

  • HTML and CSS

  • Javascript

  • CSS preprocessors 

  • Testing/Debugging 

  • Cross Browser Compatibility 

Back-end Developer 

A back-end developer is a tech professional who builds and maintains the mechanisms that process data and perform actions on the websites. They are involved in data storage, security and other server-side functions you cannot see. In Nigeria, a back-end developer earns about 

343k naira monthly. Some of the skills needed for a back-end developer are:

  • Backend programming languages; Java, Python and PHP

  • Data structure and algorithms

  • HTML, CSS and Javascript 

  • Version control and version control systems

  • Knowledge of APIs and popular frameworks 

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Full Stack Developer 

A full-stack developer is a developer who can build both the front and back ends of a website or application. This means that they can determine both the user’s experience on the website and the server-side functions of a website. Full stack developers earn at least 440k naira monthly in Nigeria. The skills needed for a full-stack developer are: 

  • Database and Web Storage 

  • Git 

  • Javascript 

  • HTML and CSS 


  • Back-end and Basic Server Management

Network System Administrator 

A network system administrator plans, sets up, and maintains computer networks for businesses and organizations. They evaluate an organisation’s networking needs and install necessary systems such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments and intranets. They earn about 340k naira monthly in Nigeria. Skills needed for a network system administrator are:

  • Experience with VPN, LAN and WAN 

  • Linux and Windows servers

  • Cisco networking equipment

  • Information security systems

Data Scientist 

A data scientist is one who uses data to understand and explain the phenomena around them and help organisations make better decisions. They can find patterns and trends in datasets to uncover insights, create algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes and use machine learning techniques to improve the quality of data or product offerings. A data scientist earns about 385k naira monthly in Nigeria. Skills needed for a data scientist are:

  • Cloud computing

  • Statistics and probability

  • Advanced Mathematics

  • Machine learning

  • Data visualization tools

  • Query languages

  • Database management

  • Python coding

  • R Programming 

6 High-paying Tech Jobs Without Coding 

Product Manager 

A product manager is the person who identifies the customer need and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfil, articulates what success looks like for a product, and puts together a team to turn that vision into a reality. It is a professional who defines the strategy, roadmap, features, and success of a product. A product manager in Nigeria earns about 470k naira monthly. Some of the skills required for a product manager are:

  • Knowledge of Economics 

  • Research, data, and analytical expertise

  • Technical development skills

  • Basic business skills 

UI Designer 

A User Interface designer is someone who designs the graphical user interface of an app, website, or device that a human interacts with. They are responsible for creating, designing, and organizing interactive elements, usually in close collaboration with UX Designers who will have mapped out a vision for the project. A UI designer earns an average of 450k naira monthly in Nigeria. Some of the skills needed for a UI designer are:

  • Interaction Design

  • Visual Design

  • Product

  • Research

  • Creative

  • Wireframes

  • Adobe Suite

UX Designer 

A UX designer makes products, services, and technology usable, enjoyable, and accessible for humans. They are responsible for the look and feel of a product, website, or app. Their job focuses on the interaction between real human users and everyday products and services, combining aspects of psychology, business, market research, design, and technology. In Nigeria, a UX designer earns about 405k naira monthly. Some of the skills of a UX designer are:

  • Visual and UI Design Skills

  • User Research and Analysis

  • Information Architecture

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

Project Manager 

A project manager works primarily with information technology (IT) or other technical support teams, leading projects from start to finish. They manage multiple areas simultaneously, with a focus on leading the development of highly technical projects. Project managers in Nigeria earn about 470k naira monthly. Some of the skills needed for a project manager are:

  • Product management methodologies like Scrum, Waterfall, Agile, and Lean

  • Project planning

  • Project scheduling 

  • Project forecasting 

  • Project scoping 

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Business Analyst 

A Business analyst helps to guide businesses in improving processes, products, services, and software through data analysis. These agile workers straddle the line between IT and the business to help bridge the gap and improve efficiency. In Nigeria, a business analyst earns about 500k naira monthly. Some of the skills required for a business analyst are:

  • Modelling

  • Technology stacks

  • Programming basics

  • Software architecture and design

  • Database management systems

  • Software testing

  • Interface design

  • Business intelligence

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Data Analyst 

A data analyst reviews data to identify key insights into a business's customers and ways the data can be used to solve problems. He is responsible for organizing data related to sales numbers, market research, logistics, linguistics, and other behaviours. This data helps organisations make critical business decisions like which products to make, which markets to enter, which investments to make, or which customers to target. Data analysts earn an average of 332k naira monthly in Nigeria. Some of the skills required for a data analyst are:

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Critical Thinking

  • R or Python-Statistical Programming

  • Data Visualization

  • Presentation Skills

  • Machine Learning

How to Get High-Paying Tech Jobs 

Getting a high-paying tech job is possible if you know the right steps. Here are 3 simple things you can do to get a high-paying tech job.

Using Job Boards

There are several tech job boards and websites that list great tech opportunities for tech professionals. On these platforms, you can find several high-paying tech jobs in the different fields of tech and then apply for them. Some websites also provide career insights into how you can grow your career in tech. 

Leveraging Your Network

Some high-paying tech jobs also come by referral and your network. You can leverage your network of professionals, to know when high-paying tech jobs are available and also apply. This can also be easier if the network is already a part of the organization you wish to apply for. With this, they could put in a word or two for you. 

Tech Events and Job Fairs 

Some tech events and job fairs are opportunities for high-profile companies to spot and recruit great talent into their organization. Connecting with people is one way to give yourself a headstart if you choose to explore this route. Make meaningful contributions if you can and network with professionals. Your next job could simply be a conversation away. 

How to Increase Your Salary in Tech

Choose a Niche 

Choosing a niche of tech to major in is one way to increase your salary. It will help you know where to focus your energy and explore ways to grow in that field. It will also help you analyze the possibilities in your chosen niche. 

Level Up Your Skill

Upskilling is one sure way to increase your salary in tech. It is impossible to remain at one skill level while expecting to earn like someone else with a higher skill level. There are lots of certifications and skills you can obtain which will make employers or even your superiors pay you better. These skills and certifications also increase your bargaining power for better pay. 

Widen Your Net

To increase your salary, you can also widen your search net beyond your current organization. You can move jobs to another organization and increase your chances of earning better. With good bargaining power and a great resume, you can send in applications to high-paying tech companies and increase your salary. 

Ask For an Increase

Simply asking for an increase in your pay could be a way to actually increase your pay. You can begin the conversation with the quality of the value you have brought to the organization and what it could cost to get someone else to handle your role. With that, you can have a salary increase in no time. 


Now you know some of the highest-paying tech jobs in Nigeria and how you can land these roles. It is also important to note that these pay are relative to companies and industries. However, despite the industry you find yourself in, you can significantly increase your salary with the steps listed in the article. 


What is the highest-paying tech job in Nigeria?

There are several high-paying tech jobs in Nigeria, depending on the tech niche and industry. However, some of the highest-paying tech jobs in Nigeria include:

  • Information Technology Manager 

  • Front-end Developer

  • Back-end Developer 

  • Full-stack Developer 

  • Cloud Engineer 

  • Network Systems Administrator 

  • Data Scientist 

  • Product Manager

  • Project Manager 

  • UI Designer 

  • UX Designer 

  • Business Analyst 

  • Data Analyst 

Which tech companies pay the most?

Tech companies in Nigeria pay tech professionals well. However, some of the highest-paying tech companies are Google, Microsoft, Andela, Interswitch, Flutterwave, IBM Nigeria, and Facebook Nigeria.

How much is a programmer paid in Nigeria?

Based on years of experience, a programmer in Nigeria earns up to 300k naira monthly. However, this is also affected by the industry he is employed in and his years of experience. 

How much does an IT engineer make in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, an IT Engineer makes an average of 250k naira monthly. 

Are software engineers paid well in Nigeria?

Software Engineers make as much as 500k naira monthly in Nigeria. Most entry-level software engineers get started with a salary of about 150k naira monthly. 

What is the salary of a full-stack developer in Nigeria?

Full stack developers earn at least 440k naira monthly in Nigeria.

What are the highest-paid tech jobs without a degree?

Some of the tech roles you can fill without having a degree in those areas are, 

  • Junior data analyst

  • Digital marketer

  • Graphics designer

  • Technical writer

  • Junior web developer

  • UI/UX Designer   

Ogugua Belonwu
Ogugua Belonwu
I am a Software Engineer with Product and Project Management Experience.
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