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35 Best Digital Marketing Courses in 2024

Find a curated list of the best digital marketing courses for you. Get the courses for the various skills in digital marketing and advance your career.

Ogugua Belonwu By Ogugua Belonwu 12 November, 2023
35 Best Digital Marketing Courses in 2024

Maximizing search engines and social media for business growth has become a thing, and will likely be for a long period of time. Technology is advancing forward, and not backward. So, anyone who is skilled in Digital Marketing and understands its ropes is going to be relevant to businesses now, and in the future. 

In this article, we have listed out the best Digital Marketing courses you should consider taking in 2023 to help you in your career and position you for global opportunities. Keep reading and you’ll find them and how you can apply immediately. 

Digital Marketing Courses Online

Most of the courses you will find on digital marketing are available online. Here are some courses you can easily register for and take online. 


CXL is a top online platform offering detailed digital marketing courses for interested participants. Their courses cut across beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, catering to every level of digital marketers. The courses also cover email marketing, content strategy, SEO writing, etc. 

The content of their courses includes:

  • Account-based marketing

  • Project Management for Marketers

  • Email marketing: Master the fundamentals

  • Google Analytics for Beginners

  • Landing page optimization

  • Google Shopping

  • Advanced LinkedIn Ads

  • Content strategy and SEO for lead generation

  • Content marketing research

  • Scaling content marketing

  • SEO link building

  • Technical SEO

  • Organic Social Media

  • Product messaging

Cost: ?723603.28 per person for an annual all-access but costs  ?3255973.40 for a team of five persons for an annual all-access.

Duration: Self-paced  

Visit CXL website here. 

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy is a platform that offers both free and paid digital marketing courses and certifications. Some popular courses include Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Growth Marketing. Their certifications are globally recognized and will help you as a Digital Marketing professional in your career and in developing your own online business. At Hubspot Academy, you will learn:

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Content Strategy

  • The Power of Storytelling

  • Developing a Growth Marketing Mentality

  • SEO: Building Sustainable Traffic for Your Website

  • Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Cost: Free 

Duration: Short and self-paced.  

Visit Hubspot Academy website here. 

SEMrush Academy 

SEMrush Academy provides free digital marketing courses and training for students all over the world. It is a good place to start to begin your journey in SEO and SEM as a digital marketer. The classes are made up of courses, webinars and videos, all packaged to help anyone become a better digital marketer. 

Some of the things you will learn on SEMrush are:

  • SEO Fundamentals

  • Mobile, International, & Local SEO

  • Link Building

  • Keyword Research

  • PPC Fundamentals

  • Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

  • Content Marketing

Cost: Free

Duration: Short and self-paced.

Visit SEMrush Academy website here. 

Digital Marketing Strategies by Kellogg School of Management

This is an online course offered by the Kellogg School of Management for participants all over the world. It runs for a period of 2 months, with the participant being online for 4-6 hours per week. The course is made up of 8 modules which are:

  • Module 1: A Framework for Marketing in a Digital World

  • Module 2: Understand Customers and Generating Insights

  • Module 3: Customer Segmentation and Behavioral Marketing

  • Module 4: The Customer Journey and Content Strategy

  • Module 5: Brand Storytelling in a Digital World

  • Module 6: Designing and Executing Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Module 7: Marketing Attribution, Testing, and Experimentation

  • Module 8: Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Cost: US€2233.85 with a flexible payment system for interested students. 

Duration: 2 months 

Visit Kellog School of Management here.  

Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course

This is a 12-in-1 course offered by Udemy to help digital marketers develop the skills needed for their careers. The course is necessary for anyone that wants to master not just digital marketing, but also marketing on different social media platforms. From the course, you will learn:

  • Email Marketing 

  • Copywriting 

  • SEO 

  • YouTube Marketing 

  • Facebook Marketing 

  • Twitter Marketing 

  • Quora Marketing 

Cost: ?34,900 

Duration: Self-paced.

Visit Udemy website here

Google Digital Garage 

Google Digital Garage is an authentic and recognized place to learn all the fundamentals and concepts of Digital Marketing. It offers a wide range of digital marketing skills that you need as a beginner. It gives free online courses with free certificates. The topics will help you to understand digital Marketing fundamentals and different aspects like online selling, social media marketing, and how to reach your audience. Some of the topics handled in its 26 modules are:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Promote your business with online advertising

  • Connect with the customer over mobile

  • Promote your business with content

  • Understand customer needs and online behaviour

  • Customer Segmentation and Prospecting

  • Content, Advertising, and Social IMC

  • Marketing in a digital world

  • Build your online business

Cost: Free

Duration: Short and self-paced.  

Visit Google Digital Garage here

Digital Marketing Skill Institute 

Digital Marketing Skill Institute is a globally recognized business that offers free training in digital marketing to equip you with the skills and techniques to create a successful online business in 90 days. They also provide professional and master diploma programs that run for 6 months and 8 months consecutively. The topics handled in these courses include:

  • Driving sales and generating leads from websites and other digital marketing platforms

  • Establishing your business in your niche industry by creating a brand goodwill

  • Setting up digital marketing campaign goals and objectives

  • Customer engagement from social media and growing followers

  • Display advertising and pay-per-click advertising

  • Online reputation management and branding on social media

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Blogging

  • Grabbing freelance projects or setting up your own Digital Marketing firm

Cost: ?300,000 for the professional diploma and ?480,000 for the master diploma.

Duration: Self-paced. 

Visit the Digital Marketing Skill Institute website here

University of Illinois’ Digital Marketing Specialization

Offered on Coursera, this course has been designed by the internationally renowned faculty of the University of Illinois. It is a beginner’s specialization and discusses several aspects and practical applications of the new digital marketing environment, including topics such as digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and 3D Printing. 

Some of the topics handled in this course include:

  • Marketing in a Digital World

  • Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory

  • Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Practice

  • Digital Media and Marketing Principles

  • Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing in an Analog World

  • Digital Marketing Capstone

Cost: $59 per month on Coursera 

Duration: 8 months, 5 hours a week. 

Access the course on Coursera here

LinkedIn Learning Free Digital Marketing Courses 

LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) offers a variety of Digital Marketing courses and certifications for individuals at all levels, from short-duration introductory courses to ones targeted at more experienced professionals. These courses serve as a great starting point to build knowledge and advance digital marketing skills. They are suitable for anyone just starting out or someone looking to update themselves on new marketing trends and strategies.

Some of the courses include:

  • Online Marketing Foundations

  • Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Trends

  • Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization

  • Marketing Tools: Social Media

  • Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan

  • Brand and Marketing Integration

  • The Data Science of Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

  • Marketing on LinkedIn

  • Managing Email Marketing Lists and Campaigns

  • Advanced Product Marketing

Cost: Free

Duration: Self-paced. 

Access the course on LinkedIn Learning here

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course

This free online Digital Marketing course from Google is for beginners who want to understand online marketing from the basics. It features over 26 modules that can be completed at your own pace. Each module consists of video lectures, study material and free resources. It also includes a free Google career certificate. 

Some of the topics included in this course are:

  • The online opportunity

  • Plan your online business strategy

  • Improve your search campaigns

  • Get noticed with social media

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Marketing Analytics 

Cost: Free 

Duration: Self-paced. 

Access the course here. 

Wild Fusion Digital Internship and Advanced Training in Digital Marketing 

Wild Fusion Digital Center is a leading training organization in digital marketing, digital services, and digital technology. There are several training programs in the institute that provide in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and its components. They offer different levels of digital marketing courses such as Advanced Training In Digital Marketing, Professional Certificate In Digital Marketing, and Digital Marketing Masterclass. The topics they cover include:

  • The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Pay Per Click Marketing

  • Digital Display Advertising

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Integration and Strategy Implementation

Cost: ?400,000 to ?1,000,000 depending on the level you want to go for.

Duration: Self-paced

Visit Wild Fusion website here


Social Media Marketing Courses

The Strategy of Content Marketing by the University of California, Davis

In this online class offered by the University of California, Davis, you'll learn how to create a content marketing strategy and develop an understanding of the ecosystem surrounding that strategy. Ample time will also be spent working on strategic writing and framing. The course is free and is hosted on Coursera. Some of the topics in the content are: 

  • What the content marketing ecosystem is

  • How to use the “7A Framework” to power up your content

  • How to understand what content your buyer wants

  • How to tailor your content to each phase of the buyer’s journey

  • How to understand the content that works

Cost: Coursera 

Duration: Self-paced but is about 19 hours in total. 

Access the course on Coursera here. 

Social Media Marketing Foundations by Brain Honigan

This foundational course by Brian Honigman, offers similar content to the other beginner-level courses on this list, with a special focus on interacting with customers through your business’s preferred social networks. It also includes instruction on using social media for sales and experimenting with your techniques. The course is hosted on LinkedIn Learning. The course content includes:

  • What is social media marketing?

  • Creating a social media strategy

  • Choosing the right strategy 

  • Publishing on social media 

  • Interacting with customers 

  • Selling on social media 

  • Measuring social media activity 

  • Innovating with social media 

Cost: Free 

Duration: Self-paced but is about 1 hour in total. 

Access the course on LinkedIn Learning here. 

Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate by Meta  

Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate is designed to help social media and digital marketers understand social media management Facebook and Instagram, and paid advertising on the platforms. Also, while there is an emphasis on Meta tools, you can apply whatever you learn outside Meta. The course is helpful for professionals who want to understand paid advertisements on social media platforms. 

On the program, you’ll learn:

  • Create engaging content

  • Interact with social media users

  • Manage a content calendar

  • Evaluate the success of posts

  • Create effective ads for social media

  • Create ads in Meta Ads Manager

  • Measure ad campaigns’ success

Cost:  $59 per month on Coursera but if you choose to view the course for free, then you won’t have a certificate.

Duration: Self-paced but 100 hours altogether. 

Access the course on Coursera here. 

Social Media Specialization by Northwestern University

The Social Media Specialization course is made up of 6 courses. It covers everything on social media from strategy, listening, content, and advertising. This program is hosted on Coursera and is taught by Randy Hlavac, a lecturer at Northwestern University. At the end of the course, you will complete a project to show the skills you have learned. Some of the course content include:

  • Using social analytics tools

  • Becoming an influencer

  • Developing engaging content

  • Building a complete social media marketing strategy plan

Cost: $59 per month on Coursera. If you choose to view the course for free, then you won’t be able to earn a certification at the end of it.

Duration: Self-paced 

Access the course on Coursera here. 

Social Media Marketing by Acadium 

The Social Media Marketing course by Acadium has 35 beginner-friendly courses on how to maximize different social media platforms for growth. The course is completely free and also allows you to build a portfolio of your newly acquired skills. Here are some of the topics you will learn in the course:

  • Setting up social media profiles

  • Creating and publishing social media posts

  • Developing a social media strategy

  • Tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd

  • Automating your posts

  • Measuring engagement

  • Managing user reviews

Cost: Free 

Duration: Self-paced. 

Visit Acadium website here


SEO/SEM Courses

Search Engine Marketing Online Certification Training by Multisoft Virtual Academy

The SEM engine marketing online training helps the professionals of the digital marketing industry to know how to create paid advertising campaigns and optimize and re-market them for a better result. It also helps you build an understanding of keyword research starting from today.

The course content includes:

  • An Overview of the Google AdWords

  • About AdWords Algorithm

  • The Search Campaign Creation

  • Performance Tracking /Conversion

  • The Search Campaign Optimization

  • Display the Campaign Creation

  • Display the Campaign Optimization

  • The Remarketing Techniques

Cost: €304.78 

Duration: Self-paced. 

Visit Multisoft Virtual Academy here. 

Search Engine Optimization Course by London School of Digital Marketing 

In the London School of Digital Marketing’s SEO short course, participants will practically learn the factors that contribute to a website being ranked high on search engines such as Google. Learn how search engine algorithms work, develop search engine optimization skills that will help you create SEO strategies and perform keyword research that drives website traffic. 

The course is made of 8 modules which are:

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

  • Improving website ranking

  • Competitor Research

  • Link Building

  • SEO Content

  • Ranking Factors

  • Mastering Keywords

  • Strategy and Planning

Cost: £495.00 and guarantees lifetime access to the course after payment. 

Duration: Self-paced 

Visit London School of Digital Marketing here. 

All-around SEO Training by Yoast

The All-around SEO Training is a simple, easy-to-digest video course by the creators of the world's most popular WordPress SEO plugin—Yoast. The course includes over three hours of videos, sliced into 39 short clips. The lessons are taught by SEO professionals from Yoast, including their founder Joost de Valk.

The topics covered in this training include:

  • The content side of SEO

  • The technical side of SEO

  • Look beyond your own website (off-page SEO)

  • Outsmart your competition by going beyond SEO

Cost: $99/year which includes other courses in the Yoast Academy + Yoast SEO Premium plugin. 

Duration: Self-paced 

Visit Yoast Academy here. 

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Program by Simplilearn

The Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program offers 36 hours of videos covering all the basics an SEO beginner needs to know. It is best recommended for beginner SEO professionals. Topics revolve around keyword research, competitive intelligence, website planning, and tips on how to build a career in SEO. In the course, you’ll learn:

  • SEO Introduction 

  • How search engines work

  • Types of SEO 

  • Keyword research and competitive intelligence 

  • On-page optimization 

  • Off-page optimization 

  • Duplicate content 

  • Design and architecture 

  • Local SEO

  • SEO tools 

Cost: Free and comes with a certificate at the end of it. 

Duration: Self-paced 

Visit Simplilearn website here

SEO Training Course by Moz

This training course by Moz is a six-part course that combines comprehensive, fundamental SEO education with actionable ways to implement your newfound skills. You'll receive six hours of content guided by your instructors, test your knowledge with exams at the end of each of the five sections, and top it all off with credentials to share with your professional network, clients, and stakeholders. Some topics covered in the course are:

  • How do search engines determine the value of a site?

  • How to identify good keywords and map them to semantic topic groups

  • Recent trends such as voice search

  • How SEO fits in with the sales funnel

  • How to prioritize SEO tasks

  • How to determine your most valuable content

  • How to evaluate links

  • Essential reports to measure the impact of SEO

  • In-depth application of SEO principles and practices in the Moz tools

Cost: €557.99 

Duration: Self-paced for students. 

Visit Moz Academy here. 


Email Marketing Courses 

Email Marketing Course by Hubspot Academy

The email marketing courses from HubSpot Academy are comprehensive covering a wide range of topics, from the basics of email marketing to advanced tactics and strategies. After the course, you will take an exam and on passing,  you will be awarded a certificate and you can embed the certification badge on your website. You can also link your badge to your LinkedIn or Upwork profile. 

The topics covered in the course include:

  • Email Marketing Strategy Fundamentals

  • Understanding the Importance of Segmentation and Contact Management in Email Marketing

  • Understanding Permissions and Deliverability

  • Understanding the Power of Personalization and Automation in Email Marketing

  • Understanding Design in Email Marketing

  • Maximizing the Impact of Copy in Email Marketing

  • Getting Your Audience to Take Action in Email Marketing

  • Analyzing Your Marketing Emails

  • Improving Your Email Marketing Through Testing

Cost: Free

Duration: Self-paced 

Access the course here. 

Brevo Academy Email Marketing Course

In Brevo's email marketing course, you will learn email marketing from the ground up. Upon completion of the certification, you'll have the knowledge to create an email marketing strategy that builds lasting engagement & stronger relationships!

It is made up of 8 modules which are:

  • Essential basics for successful emails

  • Choosing the best email solution for your business

  • GDPR: Protect your data and optimize your email campaigns

  • Efficiently managing your email contact lists

  • Our tips for creating sign-up forms that convert

  • Measure the success of your email campaigns with reporting

  • Boost your KPIs with simple and effective techniques

  • Best practices for testing your emails with A/B testing

Cost: Free 

Duration: Self-paced. 

Visit Brevo Academy website here

Email Marketing Course by ClickMinded 

ClickMinded offers a total of seven online courses, including email marketing, sales funnels, SEO, content marketing, and more. You can purchase each course individually or as a bundle at a steep discount. The email marketing course teaches:

  • Marketing automation fundamentals

  • Email copywriting and design basics

  • How to write better subject lines

  • Segmentation strategies

  • How to track crucial metrics

Cost: The email marketing course costs $997 for lifetime access and $1,997 for lifetime access to all seven courses. The course comes with a certificate. 

Duration: Self-paced 

Visit the ClickMinded website here

Email Marketing: Strategy and Optimization by LinkedIn Learning 

Taught by a content strategist based at the University of California, this course is designed for individuals with a basic foundation in email marketing who want to take the next step. The class takes an in-depth look at optimization, design, and delivery strategies. 

The major topics delivered in this course are: 

  • Fitting emails into your broader marketing strategy

  • Optimizing your emails and campaigns from start to finish

  • Designing emails and newsletters that target your client base

Cost: $29.99 and comes with a certificate.

Duration: Self-paced 

Access the course on LinkedIn Learning here.  

The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course 

The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course is unique because it focuses on the Mailchimp platform so you can maximize it. If you’re starting with email marketing for your business and you’ve decided to use Mailchimp as your platform, this is the right course for you.

Hosted on Udemy, the course consists of 4.5 hours of videos and modules that include topics like:

  • Email Marketing Introduction & Basics

  • Mailchimp Set up, Management, & Audience Organization

  • Tutorials on Mailchimp Features

  • Mailchimp Integrations

  • Best Subject Lines

  • Email Marketing Analytics

  • Resources, Updates, FAQs, & Bonus Material

Cost: $69.99 and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if the course is not what you were expecting or you’re not satisfied with it, you can get a refund. It also comes with a  Certification of Completion PDF at the end of the resources section that can be downloaded with no exam required.

Duration: Self-paced 

Access the course on Mailchimp here

Email Marketing Learning Path by Digital Marketer

If you are looking for comprehensive digital marketing courses, then DigitalMarketer is a great choice. Their email marketing course helps you learn advanced email marketing strategies and get certified as an Email Marketing Specialist. The course is well-structured and detailed, offering several practical email marketing examples.

The course contains 10 modules with the topics:

  • Email and the Customer Value Journey

  • What to Know About Email

  • The Psychology and Science of Email

  • Building an Email List

  • Developing an Email Calendar and Funnel

  • Five Foundational Email Campaigns

  • How to Monetize Your List

  • How to Copywriting and Design

  • Measuring Your Email Marketing

  • Iterating and Improving

Cost: $495 and comes with a certificate upon completion. 

Duration: Self-paced

Visit Digital Marketer website here. 


Content Marketing Courses

Content Marketing by The Blueprint Training

Blueprint’s Content Marketing training puts particular focus on the importance of proper content creation by providing lessons on content development, content strategies, and content optimization. This advanced content marketing program is designed to transform beginners into effective, industry-ready content specialists and SEO professionals. 

The modules include:

  • Audience Persona

  • SERP intent 

  • Page types 

  • Content tactics 

  • Updating content 

  • Keyword gaps 

  • Topic ideation 

  • Content strategy 

  • Content creation 

Cost: $499 with lifetime access, and Blueprint also updates the content each year with new tips for their students. 

Duration: Self-paced 

Visit The Blueprint Training website here

Content Marketing 101 by Domestika 

This course is a mixture of videos, webcasts, case studies, and resources. It shows you the step-by-step creative process of building a dynamic content marketing strategy for a brand or business. From developing a concept and publishing strategically to measuring metrics and driving growth, you'll learn the secrets behind impactful online communication.

The topics included in the course are:

  • Building your brand 

  • Building your visual identity 

  • Creating your content calendar 

  • Promoting your content 

Cost: $44.90 and gives you lifetime access with a certificate of completion. 

Duration: Self-paced

Visit Domestika website here

The Strategy of Content Marketing by Copyblogger and UC Davis 

This course is a partnership between the leading content marketing authority, Copyblogger, and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. In this course, you will learn the core strategies content marketers use to acquire and retain customers profitably. In this course, you will learn how to develop, organize and implement a content marketing strategy. 

The topics covered in the course are:

  • The content marketing ecosystem 

  • The strategic content (The 7A framework)

  • Mapping the journey; creating a content marketing strategy

  • The strategic types of content 

  • Managing your content 

Cost: Free 

Duration: Self-paced and has about 20 hours of videos. 

Access the course on Coursera here. 

Content Marketing Foundations on LinkedIn Learning

In this course, marketing consultant Brian Honigman explains content marketing concepts and benefits, then explores a step-by-step approach for organizations of all sizes to succeed with this strategic marketing approach. Brian covers how to create a content plan, choose content types, and develop an editorial calendar.

The topics covered in the content are:

  • Creating a Content Strategy

  • Choosing the Right Topics

  • Producing Content

  • Optimizing Content

  • Distributing Content

  • Integrating Content

  • Measuring Content

  • Innovating with Content

Cost: Free 

Duration: Self-paced. 

Access the course on LinkedIn Learning here. 


Marketing Analytics Courses 

Digital Marketing Analytics: Tools and Techniques by The University of Maryland

The University of Maryland offers to teach how to incorporate artificial intelligence with digital marketing analytics in four weeks, with a load of 3-5 hours per week. Students will learn how to use Big Data and become certified in digital marketing and analytics.

The topics covered include:

  • KPIs and keyword strategies and a more in-depth understanding of SEO and SEM.

  • How to keep track of Web analytics and perform A/B testing

  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications/Big Data

  • Text and Image Analysis at a Higher Level

  • Attribution/MMM Calculations

Cost: The course costs $399 but you can opt for the free session which comes with limited course materials and no certificate. 

Duration: Self-paced.

Access the course on edx here

Marketing Analytics by Meta

This eight-course program is designed for anyone looking to gain in-demand technical skills to kickstart a career as a marketing analyst or better analyze their business. Developed by marketing analytics experts at Aptly and Meta, and designed to prepare you for jobs that include Marketing Analyst, Marketing Researcher, and more.

The course content of this course includes:

  • Marketing Analytics Foundation

  • Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Data Analysis with Spreadsheets and SQL

  • Python Data Analytics

  • Statistics for Marketing

  • Data Analytics Methods for Marketing

  • Marketing Analytics with Meta

  • Meta Marketing Science Certification Exam

Cost: $59 per month on Coursera. However, if you choose to view the course for free, then you won’t be able to earn a certification at the end of it.

Duration: Self-paced 

Access the course on Coursera here

Marketing Analytics: Stand Out by Becoming an Analytics Pro by Joseph @ Wisdify

This course will teach you all you need to know to become a marketing analytics specialist. This course does not require any prior knowledge. The course is delivered by evaluating data in a real-world setting. It is based on a hands-on, case-study learning style.

The topics covered in this course are: 

  • How to apply the most critical marketing KPIs to your data.

  • Using important metrics, evaluate a company’s PPC marketing campaign.

  • How to get the most out of your data by asking the correct questions.

  • Create a forecasting model for marketing initiatives from the bottom up.

Cost: $3.5 

Duration: Self-paced. 

Access the course on Udemy here. 



There you have it! These are the 35 best digital marketing courses you can enrol on, cutting across every skill set in digital marketing. You can apply for digital marketing jobs with the training and land your next big role.

All the best! 


What is a digital marketing course?

A digital marketing course is a course that helps you understand and skill up in digital marketing. The courses usually cover skill sets like social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, SEO/SEM and marketing analytics. 

How long does a digital marketing course take?

A digital marketing course can take hours, while some can take months. The duration of the course is determined by the course content and skills covered. 

What is the best course in digital marketing?

There are lots of amazing courses in digital marketing. They include:

CXL digital marketing course

Hubspot Academy digital marketing course 

SEMrush Academy digital marketing course 

Udemy complete digital marketing course 

Google Digital Garage 

LinkedIn Learning free digital marketing course 

How can I learn digital marketing?

You can learn digital marketing through an online platform or school such as CXL, Hubspot, Wild Fusion, Google Garage, SEMrush, Blueprint, etc. 

Is a digital marketing course tough?

While digital marketing requires commitment to learn it, it is not tough as someone with zero knowledge and experience can take online courses and learn the ropes of it. 

Ogugua Belonwu
Ogugua Belonwu
I am a Software Engineer with Product and Project Management Experience.

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