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AutoCAD Jobs in Nigeria

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What is AutoCAD? 

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (thus, the name "CAD") program. It was created by Autodesk, a company that primarily produces software and solutions for industries such as architecture, engineering, product design, manufacturing, construction, and more.

AutoCAD lets designers create and edit designs and digital images in both 2D and 3D very efficiently. Instead of requiring them to edit images by hand, AutoCAD makes it much easier to manipulate designs.

Essentially, AutoCAD lets designers create geometric models on-screen, offering endless permutations for creating different types of objects and structures. This flexibility is what led AutoCAD to become an industry leader since it could be adopted for use in almost any industry or application.

Features of Auto CAD 

  1. Mobile and Web Apps: Since it works in the cloud, AutoCAD allows users to work across devices, making it easy to create, edit, and view drawings from either the mobile app or their web app. This allows for greater freedom and makes collaboration much easier, especially amongst distributed teams.

  2. Faster and More Efficient Workflows: AutoCAD lets you share controlled copies of your drawing to teammates, allowing them to leave feedback. It supports markup, and there's also an engaging “My Insights” feature that gives users helpful tips about their projects.

  3. There's also a dedicated Sheet Set Manager that lets users send and receive sheets quickly through the Autodesk cloud platform. 

Uses of AutoCAD

Architectural Design 

Architects primarily use AutoCAD to prepare floor plans, blueprints, and building designs. Since these plans are drawn to scale and are generally very precise, AutoCAD makes it easy for architects to bring their vision to life without sacrificing dimensional accuracy.

AutoCAD also allows designers to review granular data about a building design, helping them identify weaknesses in the design and rectifying them before construction begins.

Interior design 

AutoCAD is commonly used by interior designers who prefer creating 3D versions of their interior designs. AutoCAD allows interior designers to create realistic 3D models of spaces, offering support for solid, surface, and mesh models. 3D viewing and navigation tools are also available, supporting swivel, walk, or fly-around views, so interior designers can really showcase their designs and present them how they want.

Mechanical Engineers

Even though AutoCAD is mainly designed for architects and designers, mechanical engineers also use it quite frequently to prepare visuals that aid their work. Mechanical engineers use AutoCAD to prepare specific models and blueprints related to different products.