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Docker Jobs in Lagos, Nigeria

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  • Infinion Technologies logo

    Full Stack Developer [C#, .Net, Reactjs]

    Infinion TechnologiesLagos, Nigeria22 April

    Infinion Technologies - We are a technology and business solutions Company established with the objective of providing world class solutions to Enterprise ...

  • Ivorypay logo

    Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

    IvorypayLagos, Nigeria19 April

    Ivorypay is a crypto payment gateway that enables businesses in Africa to get paid in stable cryptocurrency and leverage Defi and NFT for growth.Job ...

  • InterSwitch logo

    DevOps Engineer

    InterSwitchLagos, Nigeria18 April

    Interswitch Limited is an integrated payment and transaction processing company that provides technology integration, advisory services, transaction processing ...

  • Yassir logo

    Senior Frontend Engineer - Shared Services Domain

    YassirLagos, Nigeria17 April

    Yassir is the leading super App for on demand and payment services in the Maghreb region set to changing the way daily services are provided. It currently ...

  • NQLB logo

    PHP Backend Software Engineer (Intermediate)

    NQLBLagos, Nigeria13 April

    At NQLB, we enable Africa's most innovative institutions use their data to help them become better at their most critical functions, ask better questions, and ...

  • Indicina logo

    Junior Software Tester

    IndicinaLagos, Nigeria12 April

    Indicina is a venture-funded FinTech building the technology infrastructure that will power the next generation of consumer credit platforms and businesses. We ...

  • Aku Fintech Services Limited logo

    Engineering Lead(Core Banking)

    Aku Fintech Services ..Lagos, Nigeria08 April

    We leverage the power of tech to drive financial inclusion - one mobile device at a time. We believe that access to the right financial tools can change the ...

  • Clickatell logo

    Infrastructure Engineer: Cloud

    ClickatellLagos, Nigeria06 April

    Clickatell is a global leader in mobile messaging and transaction services, which enable its customers to connect, interact and transact with their business ...

  • Clickatell logo

    Full Stack Senior Software Developer

    ClickatellLagos, Nigeria06 April

    Clickatell is a global leader in mobile messaging and transaction services, which enable its customers to connect, interact and transact with their business ...

  • Vesti Technologies logo

    DevOps Engineer

    Vesti TechnologiesLagos, Nigeria05 April

    Vesti gives humans the power to move overseas to 100+ countries. We are the future of legal Immigration and global migration. Vesti uses deep technology like ...

  • Liberty Assured logo

    Senior Bankend Developer (Python & Django)

    Liberty AssuredLagos, Nigeria04 April

    We are a finance and technology driven organisation who are really passionate about making financial inclusion count for everyone.Job Description We are ...

  • Fadac Resources logo

    Senior Backend Engineer

    Fadac ResourcesLagos, Nigeria03 April

    Proven methodology, profound impact, and sustainable results. These are the component that makes our company unique. At Fadac Resources we provide businesses ...

  • Tecnotree Corporation logo

    Scala Developer

    Tecnotree CorporationLagos, Nigeria29 March

    Tecnotree is the only full-stack digital BSS provider with over 40 years of deep domain knowledge, proven delivery and transformation capability across the ...

  • COURE Software and Systems Limited logo

    Front -End Developer (Angular)

    COURE Software and Sy..Lagos, Nigeria28 March

    COURE SOFTWARE and SYSTEMS LIMITED also known as COURE Technologies inc. is a business process automation firm. COURE provides turnkey platforms and solutions ...

  • Zojatech Limited logo

    DevOps Engineer

    Zojatech LimitedLagos, Nigeria28 March

      We are a digital transformation consultancy and software development company. We are a digital transformation consultancy and software development ...

  • Jumia Nigeria logo

    Senior Java Software Developer

    Jumia NigeriaLagos, Nigeria27 March

    Jumia is your number one Online Shopping solution in Nigeria. There is an online electronic store where you can purchase all your electronics, as well as ...


What is Docker?

Docker is an open source software platform used to create, deploy and manage virtualized application containers on a common operating system (OS), with an ecosystem of allied tools. Docker gives software developers a faster and more efficient way to build and test containerized portions of an overall software application. This lets developers in a team concurrently build multiple pieces of software. Each container contains all elements needed to build a software component and ensure it's built, tested and deployed smoothly. Docker enables portability for when these packaged containers are moved to different servers or environments.

Key Use Cases for Docker

  1. Continuously deploying software: Docker technology and strong DevOps practices make it possible to deploy containerized applications in a few seconds, unlike traditional bulky, monolithic applications that take much longer. Updates or changes made to an application's code are implemented and deployed quickly when using containers that are part of a larger continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline.

  2. Building a microservice-based architecture: When a microservice-based architecture is more advantageous than a traditional, monolithic application, Docker is ideal for the process of building out this architecture. Developers build and deploy multiple microservices, each inside their own container. Then they integrate them to assemble a full software application with the help of a container orchestration tool, such as Docker Swarm.

  3. Migrating legacy applications to a containerized infrastructure: A development team wanting to modernize a preexisting legacy software application can use Docker to shift the app to a containerized infrastructure.

  4. Enabling hybrid cloud and multi-cloud applications: Docker containers operate the same way whether deployed on premises or using cloud computing technology. Therefore, Docker lets applications be easily moved to various cloud vendors' production and testing environments. A Docker app that uses multiple cloud offerings can be considered hybrid cloud or multi-cloud.

Docker Architecture: Components and Tools

Docker Community Edition is open source, while Docker Enterprise Edition is a commercialized version offered by Docker Inc. Docker consists of various components and tools that help create, verify and manage containers.

The Docker Engine is the underlying technology that handles the tasks and workflows involved in building container-based applications. The engine creates a server-side daemon process that hosts images, containers, networks and storage volumes.

The daemon also provides a client-side command-line interface (CLI) for users to interact with the daemon through the Docker application programming interface. Containers created by Docker are called Dockerfiles. Docker Compose files define the composition of components in a Docker container.

Other components and tools in the docker architecture include the following:

  • Docker Hub: This software-as-a-service tool lets users publish and share container-based applications through a common library. The service has more than 100,000 publicly available applications as well as public and private container registries.

  • Trusted Registry: This is a repository that's similar to Docker Hub but with an extra layer of control and ownership over container image storage and distribution.

  • Docker Swarm: This is part of the Docker Engine that supports cluster load balancing for Docker. Multiple Docker host resources are pooled together in Swarm to act as one, which lets users quickly scale container deployments to multiple hosts.

  • Universal Control Plane: This is a web-based, unified cluster and application management interface.

  • Compose: This tool is used to configure multicontainer application services, view container statuses, stream log output and run single-instance processes.

  • Content Trust: This security tool is used to verify the integrity of remote Docker registries, through user signatures and image tags.