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Figma Jobs in Lagos, Nigeria

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  • Trusoft Limited logo

    UI/UX Designer

    Trusoft LimitedLagos, Nigeria18 July

    Trusoft Limited is an indigenous software company, specialising in the design and development of software solutions. Trusoft has built its brand around ...

  • Raphael Group logo

    Figma UI / UX Designer

    Raphael GroupLagos, Abuja, Nigeria18 July

    Raphael Group is a professional virtual assistant service that connects employers with skilled remote assistants. We offer a wide range of services to support ...

  • Perfectlytics logo

    Graphics Designer

    PerfectlyticsLagos, Nigeria17 July

    Transform your online presence with our innovative strategies, tailored to amplify your reach and engage your audience. At Perfectlytics Marketing we blend ...

  • Mitiget Assurance and Technology Services Limited logo

    UI/UX Designer (NYSC)

    Mitiget Assurance and..Lagos, Nigeria16 July

    Mitiget is a leading provider of IT governance, business risk management and compliance solutions, with a special focus on information security, cyber ...

  • Revent Technologies Limited logo

    Frontend Developer

    Revent Technologies L..Lagos, Nigeria16 July

    Revent Technologies Limited is a technology solutions provider for dynamic organizations, providing bespoke software design and development, developer ...

  • DigitalentHUB logo

    Fullstack Developer

    DigitalentHUBLagos, Nigeria16 July

    DigitalentHUB is an Enterprise Technology HUB, with primary focus of leveraging technology to build business and social impact solution, with the guarantee of ...

  • Blueinc Technology Services logo

    Graphics Design Specialist

    Blueinc Technology Se..Lagos, Nigeria15 July

    Blueinc Technology Services is a digital-centered company based in France and Nigeria, delivering high quality tech solutions to all class of businesses and ...

  • Cutting Edge Partners logo

    UI/UX Specialist

    Cutting Edge PartnersLagos, Nigeria15 July

    Cutting Edge Partners is a global financial advisory firm that promotes, enhances and works in the best interest of our clients. We are passionate about ...

  • Ingryd Academy logo

    UI/UX Designer

    Ingryd AcademyLagos, Nigeria12 July

    INGRYD is a premier tech talent outsourcing and training academy. At Ingryd Academy, we pride ourselves on our capacity to connect businesses with top tech ...

  • Tobams Group logo

    Product Design (UI/UX) Intern

    Tobams GroupLagos, Nigeria12 July

    Tobams Group is a leading provider of digital solutions, focusing on mobile app development, website design, tech talent acquisition, and strategic marketing, ...

  • logo

    Public Relations Manager

    Legit.ngLagos, Nigeria11 July (former is a modern Nigerian digital media platform. In today's world, there are tons of informational clutter. But we are here to select ...

  • Outcess Solutions Nigeria Limited logo

    Junior Product Designer

    Outcess Solutions Nig..Lagos, Nigeria09 July

    OUTCESS is an integrated customer engagement and business process outsourcing company. We deliver innovative digital solutions that empower and optimize the ...

  • HSSL Systems Integrator logo

    Product Designer / E-Commerce Supervisor

    HSSL Systems Integrat..Lagos, Nigeria08 July

    HSSL Systems Integrator, is an Enterprise Business Communication Services, Technology and Outsourcing Services Company. We combined unparalleled experience, ...

  • ICS Outsourcing Limited logo

    Android Developer

    ICS Outsourcing Limit..Lagos, Nigeria04 July

    ICS Outsourcing is Nigeria’s pioneer Human Resource Outsourcing Company. We are on a mission to provide world-class human resource solutions, using experts ...

  • Carbon Nigeria logo

    Senior Android Developer

    Carbon NigeriaLagos, Nigeria03 July

    We empower individuals with access to credit, simple payments solutions, high-yield investment opportunities and easy-to-use tools for personal financial ...

  • Mitiget Assurance and Technology Services Limited logo

    UI/UX Designer (NYSC)

    Mitiget Assurance and..Lagos, Nigeria03 July

    Mitiget is a leading provider of IT governance, business risk management and compliance solutions, with a special focus on information security, cyber ...


What is Figma?

At its core, Figma is a vector drawing program. Notably, you can create scalable shapes that look great at any size. Files saved there can also contain bitmap images (although for performance reasons it is not recommended to use very large print quality images). It is intended for screen design, and works can be exported in jpg, png, svg, and pdf format. Within Figma, you’ll have two main views: the canvas view, and the prototype view.

Uses of Figma 

  1. Brainstorming: If you’re in the conceptualization stage of a big project, you’ll want to bring your thoughts together in one place. And while you can draw these out on paper, you’ll likely find it easier to jot your ideas online.

  2. Designing Website Pages: A well-designed website is crucial for businesses that want to maximize their income and reach more people. But before a site goes live, a lot of prior planning needs to take place behind the scenes. If you want to see how different webpages would look before bringing them to life, Figma is worth using. In Figma, you can choose from numerous dimension sizes to accurately depict what your page would look like.

  3. Creating Art Prototypes: Tying in with the above, Figma is a must-have tool for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers. The tool is incredibly helpful if you want to create app prototypes and see how they will feature on multiple devices.

  4. Project Managment: Figma has several tools you can use for project management. For example, you can collaborate with numerous people and gauge their opinions. On top of that, you can use the shapes and text in Figma to create project timelines. When using Figma, you can—like when making prototypes—integrate numerous plugins to help you manage your projects.

Advantages of Using Figma

  1. Working Together Simultaneously: Web development teams often consist of multiple individuals collaborating on the same website project. Working on it separately can be quite disruptive, as team members need to switch roles, causing distractions and delays in their respective areas of expertise. Figma allows the team to collaborate in real-time, making the process easier. This feature makes the job more transparent because each team member can see the modifications done by their teammate. As it is a cloud-based website creation program, everything is available on the screen.

  2. Figma is a Powerful Design Tool for WordPress Blogs.: This app is a great addition to the design tools available for constructing WordPress sites. Of course, expert WordPress development services are required to transform your design into a fully working website. It was designed to turn the design into code in the best possible way: web developers can inspect, copy, and export CSS and design assets straight from design files, reducing uncertainty. Also, it combines many of the key features of other tools into a single solution to provide a more efficient and powerful workflow. This makes it an excellent tool for creating corporate websites, particularly those for large corporations.

  3. Easy to Share Files: If it is utilised as the online UX designing tool, data sharing will take quite some time. There is no need to go over every interaction you have had with the client. Everything can be sorted with just a few clicks. If developers need to quickly transmit some files to their clients, this might be a huge relief. If they utilize the conventional method, they would have to waste about an hour, but it can finish it in just 5 minutes.

  4. A Complete Solution for Creating Design Prototypes: Many would say it is the easiest way to prepare web prototypes. All the tools needed to create a prototype design are included in this software, and they are easily accessible to users. There is no longer a need to purchase different tools in order to construct a website because it will offer these services for a one-time fee.

  5. Cloud-Based Website Designing Tool: UX/UI Designers find this app very appealing because of its functionality, which allows them to access the necessary data from any internet-connected computer. It is not necessary to physically copy or download a large file in order to move it to another machine. Since the entire process is automated, all web designers consider it to be effective. This program is accessible on all popular operating systems and web browsers, and it also has an app that runs it without any issues.